Quick and Easy Leftover Pork Recipes


Pork is a heavy meat. If you don’t trim the fat, you can’t eat much. It fills you up pretty fast, and as such whenever I have pork dishes, there are huge leftover the next day.

I could just heat it up again, and since I usually cook with a lot of spices, the leftover Pork taste very good even without having to cook again. It is like I marinated the meat another night, only this time in cooked spicy gravy and the meat taste much better.

But there are also numerous ways to make use of this useful leftover meat.

The leftover meat could be used to prepare some fantastic salad with some greens and sliced tomatoes tossed in.

For the Salad:

Just shred the meat and keep aside.

In a bowl add your favorite greens, lettuce? and some other seasonal seasonal veggies.

Add some sliced tomatoes.

Add the shredded meat, and the meat is ready.. Yummy! and Healthy!

Another leftover recipe I love is a dish with lentils, cooked with leftover pork chops or loins.

Soak a cup of lentils for an hour.

Heat one Table spoon Olive Oil.

Add half a chopped medium sized onion.

3-4 cloves of garlic.

Toss in 1 inch ginger, chopped well.

Add the pork chops, and then put the lentils.

Add half a teaspoon of red Cayenne powder and same amount turmeric if you like turmeric.

Throw in two tomatoes, chopped roughly.

Now add the lentils and 2 cups of water.

Bring it to a boil and cook till lentils are cooked.

If gravy becomes too thick, add more water.

Have with any kind of bread, garlic bread?

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2 Responses

  1. suriyakumar Says:

    its just unexpected that i tasted the lipsmacking pork fry from a pork shop. after then you can say i’ve gone pork addict or so. i’ve googled for pork recipe, and got your recipe through some blogs link. i’ll try out all the recipes available here.

  2. ruth Says:

    I usually take any type of leftover meat; such as pork chops, etc., and slice it into a pan of sliced potatoes with onions,salt and pepper; cook it together and serve with a side dish; salad or vegie and bread and butter. It’s really quick to make and really tastes good.

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