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I am an amateur chef. I was never professionally trained, but I can cook some real kick ass pork. I just love white meat, and I work myself out like crazy the next day after all the pork fat. I have learnt my cooking by hit and trial and a passion for creating things out of raw meat and vegetables. Isn’t it amazing, those disgusting lumps of meat transforming into such visual and savory delight. That is why I love cooking. I am quite a popular food blogger, but I started this website because I was sick of the trash in the name of pork recipes that you see in recipe websites.

If you have any unique recipes mail me and I will promptly publish it for you. blogspotter007[at]yahoo[dot]com

About my preferences and the secret to my tasty recipes.
I prefer those fatty meat, with skins clung to the meat. They make the best pork meals, but you need to know the tricks to reduce the fat. The trick is to cook the pork in its own fat, as we would do in a barbecue. Ah, how I love Pork Barbecues…

easy pork recipes

If you want porks with fat, you would get aplenty in those Chinese malls. They sell pork with the fat. Ah, such a delight. Don’t worry, you are not gonna eat all those fat… You need to remove them by heat and not by the knife..

What you will find is that it is really easy to cook up pork dishes because pork is real easy to cook and is tasty even without the use of any spices or sauces. We have recipes of some baked pork chops, my favorite pork loin roasts, and various pork roast recipes like these roast with spices and lime. This is our latest addition, the boneless pork roast recipe.

For the money minded, with the recession looming, we have some dishes that we can prepare from leftover pork like this hash for breakfast, burrito, this pulled pork sandwich.

And also try these Shredded pork recipes. The best shredded pork are the ones that Chipotle serves with their bowl burrito, and that is how I came to love about shredded pork. But, mostly I like pork curry. There is a special pork recipe called the pork Vindaloo and that is really of my favorite pork recipes. The simplest recipe that I usually prepare is kind of a hybrid between Pork stew, in that use potatoes and tomatoes, and pork curry. I first brown the pork with it’s own fat in a thick bottom pan till all the oil starts to come out and the pork starts to fry in its own Fat. Then I promptly remove the oil, either by draining, or with a spoon. A kitchen towel is also handy in such scenario. Once you have drained, fry some more and add onions, pepper, ginger and garlic and fry the mix for sometime.. Add salt to taste, and add some water. Now add some potatoes and tomatoes. If you have the taste bud got bamboo shoots, now is the time to add. Other herbs that I like, bit not necessary are chives.

What is is site on Pork Recipes all about?

Ah happy reading my recipes.. Love You!!

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